Tech Valley Energy Forum
The College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering's Energy and Environmental Technology Applications Center (E2TAC), in conjunction with New Energy New York, schedules regular energy forums to introduce Tech Valley organizations to opportunities, issues and challenges in the energy industry. A select group of executives are invited to these meetings, allowing an opportunity to network with peers.


New Energy Symposium
Hosted by New Energy New York and E2TAC, the Symposium offers a chance to meet with industry, academia, and government leaders from the clean energy technology industry. The purpose of the New Energy Symposium is to learn more about New Energy New York and its impact on the State through technology breakthroughs and economic development initiatives.   


New York Fuel Cell Network
The New York Fuel Cell Network brings together NENY partners General Motors, Plug Power, MTI Micro, Delphi, Greater Rochester Enterprise and E2TAC to discuss collaborative fuel cell research and commercialization strategy. The network will operate as a coalition to guide, recommend and suggest R&D priorities; establish supplier networks across the entire industry value chain; and solicit funding from federal and state sources. The New York Fuel Cell Network is the first of several planned subgroups NENY will establish to advance clean energy technology, research and commercialization in New York State.   


Solar Initiative of New York
The Solar Initiative of New York brings together the Energy and Environmental Technology Applications Center, in partnership with the New York Solar Energy Industries Association (NYSEIA) and New Energy New York to assist in raising awareness of the role of PV in New York and to obtain views and insights of key stakeholders. The events will foster discussion among business leaders and policy experts about important challenges and opportunities facing the PV industry in the state of New York.