TVEF - Stephan DeLuca

Stephan DeLuca
President & CEO
Energy Materials Corporation

Dr. Stephan DeLuca has spent over 20 years building and growing new product lines, organizations, and businesses in Solar Energy, Environmental Testing and Semiconductor Equipment industries.   At Leybold, Steve created a new business unit to produce the world's first portable GC/MS which is now a standard issue for emergency response teams around the world.  When the company INFICON was spun out of its Leybold parent in 2000, he was based in Taiwan to build the company's five Asian subsidiaries, and subsequently consolidated and ran the world-wide sales organization, based in Germany in 2004.  In 2006, Steve became CEO of DayStar technologies, a publicly traded solar energy startup company.  He refinanced the company with over $80 million in multiple raises, including PIPEs and registered offerings.  In 2010, Steve cofounded Energy Materials Corporation where he is leading the company and technology development efforts.  Steve holds a Ph.D. in Applied Chemistry from the Colorado School of Mines and a MBA from Syracuse University. 

About Energy Materials Corporation  

Energy Materials Corporation is an early stage company developing photovoltaic materials, based on polymer rectenna technology, with theoretical conversion efficiencies >85% and costs at pennies per Watt.